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Anglican Church Men Challenged To Answer Their Call

Anglican men were reminded that there is a call from God in their lives, and a challenge for them to answer that call, by Father Dwight H.L. Rolle, rector of Christ the King Parish, during the 48th Annual Diocesan Conference of the Anglican Church Men (ACM) of the Diocese of The Bahamas and Turks & Caicos Islands (TCI).

With an unprecedented wave of criminal activity, Rolle said the popular conversation may be centered on the gradual disappearance of men in society. But long before the law-breaking individuals developed a tendency toward a life of crime that there were perhaps markers along the way that might have gone unnoticed.

“What we now have is the end product – the climax – of this destructive process. And this did not begin when they broke the law,” said Rolle during his sermon. “There may have been a number of missed opportunities in the lives of those who are now predisposed to criminal behavior. Perhaps the home failed them, and, by extension, the family; or maybe it was the school system or the church, their friends, or even civic organizations, but the end result is that no one contributed to the production of a balanced, emotionally and psychologically healthy and resilient man.”

The priest said the mandate for ACM members is to make every effort to reach out to these people in society.

“The other challenge that our young men are facing is that they are lagging behind our young women in schools when it comes to obtaining an education and is far outnumbered in their pursuits to attend college and obtain a degree. This creates a problem in that our young men may be viewed as ineligible by their female counterparts, particularly professional women who refuse to get involved with or even marry a man that is not her equal academically and professionally.”

He said Bahamian society in general also contributes to the emotional and mental state of young men by referring to men as being “no good”, drunkards, liars, and cheaters.

Rolle said inside and outside of the church, the ministry is not an option, but imperative.

The theme for the 48th diocesan conference was “Fearlessly Made”.

The event was held in a hybrid format with limited in-person attendance at the Parish Hall of Christ the King in Ridgeland Park while others joined virtually from parishes around The Bahamas and TCI.

Greg Been spoke specifically on the conference theme. Dennis Deveaux addressed men’s financial health, and Dr. Marcus Bethel advised participants on men’s physical health. The blended format allowed for facilitators to make their presentations from different islands. The Anglican men also engaged in their community project at the church, painting the exterior of the parish hall, which is customarily performed at the end of each conference.

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Anglican Church Men’s Council Form New Branch

December 15, 2011

The Anglican Church Men’s Council of the Anglican Diocese of The Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands is boasting of the formation of yet another branch. This time the branch is in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

President of the ACM Council, Kevin Ryan attended the special mass at the Church of St. Monica in Providenciales on Sunday, October 30, where he presented the members of the new branch and its executives to the Rector Rev’d Father Bernard Been for induction and installation.

Father Been received the membership and installed the officers charged and encouraged each in their respective positions to carry out their duties to the best of their ability. Installed were: President Eugene Burns; Vice President Wayne Garland; Secretary Allan Robinson; Asst. Secretary Alvin Garland; Treasurer Avi Adams; Asst. Treasurer Manfred Smith; Chaplin Chester Delancy; and Special Advisor Tony Garland.

Taking his text from the Gospel of John 19:5b “Behold the man!”, Father Been charged the men in his homily to follow the pattern of manhood given by Christ Himself. He additionally said, “While you men look very dapper in your new uniforms, remember the importance of this moment. Remember that this is a historical moment in the life of this wonderful congregation as this helps to mark our 150th celebration. Remember that Christ Himself is depending on each of you to live out your objective and in so doing impact your homes, your church, your community, and your world.”

Ryan congratulated the executives and the members of the ACM and encouraged them to grow from strength to strength. He directed them to strive to raise the spiritual awareness of its members and actively respond to the needs of the parish and community at large.

Ryan said, “The aim is to have this organization so active that it is in every Anglican parish in the diocese.”  The focus of the ACM branches he said is a Big Brother/Little Brother program. A program he has endorsed for the diocese. “The rearing of boys into manhood, although it’s something that is done within the churches must now be extended to the wider community.”

Burns, reminiscing of how it all came about, said back in 2008, he along with 5 other men from the parish began to meet twice per month for the sole purpose of fellowship, prayer, and study and to discuss ways to assist the church in whichever way they could.

Burns said, “It was in 2010 after Father Been was instituted as rector and priest in charge of Church of St. Monica, that he issued a challenge to the Men’s Fellowship to take it to higher heights and to become a branch of the ACM.”  The men accepted the challenge and were very excited about it. Burns said within several months the numbers grew in Men’s Fellowship.

The newly installed president said, “The transition from Men’s Fellowship to ACM is seen as merely a name change by the members of the organization as who have pledged to continue to meet, pray, study, fellowship and reach out to the wider community.” He said he feels the only difference is that they are now governed or subjected to the constitution of the ACM.

President Burns said the Big Brother Program is something they are eagerly anticipating. “Could you imagine the response from the young men in the diocese who are mentored by a member of an ACM organization?” Burns said the program will have a positive impact on the lives of the young men in particular the troubled young men and the communities in which they reside in this country and in The Bahamas.

He said, “The ACM of Church of St. Monica will continue to be an active organization, one that will make its presence felt in the church and indeed in the wider community. We will work with the Big Brother Program and will continue to work along with other men’s groups from other denominations.” Burns said it is his vision that the ACM of the Church of St. Monica grows from strength to strength and hopefully by 2012 will have in access of 60 members.

The ACM has 34 members whose ages range from 28 to 62. The ACM will meet on the first Tuesday of each month and invites young men who are interested to join.



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Remembering Our Past Leaders

From 1972 to the present, the Anglican Church Men (ACM) of The Bahamas and Turks & Caicos Islands organization has provided support to thousands of men throughout the diocese and, as such, the council thought it fitting to honor the council’s past presidents that have been at the helm of the organization over the past 50 years and were instrumental in the development of the organization.

The 17 men – 12 of whom are being honored posthumously – will be recognized during a special service on Saturday, March 19, during the Feast of St. Joseph at Christ Church Cathedral on George Street at 6:30 p.m. St. Joseph is the patron saint of the ACM.

The ACM men, like St. Joseph, the foster father of Jesus Christ, stepped in and provided support, leadership, and direction.

Roger Simmons, Everette Z. Mackey, Kurth Wallace, Kevin K. Ryan, and Dwight Gibson are the five living honorees.

Reuben Gomez, Harold Cole, Preston Hanna, Clyde Bethel, Warren Pinder, Alton Wallace, David Clarke, Christopher Francis, Reginald Whylly, Edwin Strachan, Alfred Bismark Coakley, and Herbert B. Scott are the past council presidents to be recognized posthumously.

The Reginald Grant Comrade of the Year and Richard Gibbs Branch of the Year awards will be presented during the Mass. Bishop Laish Boyd will deliver the sermon.

As the ACM celebrates the men’s contributions to the ACM and Anglican church, they are reminded to carry the characteristics of leadership, righteousness, obedience, and a sense of responsibility, while being arduous in response to God’s call for intentional discipleship like St. Joseph.

The ACM as an organization continues to grow from strength to strength and on the shoulders of its past leaders. The role of the council president is to provide strategic leadership, mentorship, and overall direction of the organization.

People wishing to participate in the service, are asked to send an email to with their name and the honoree they are supporting by Saturday, March 19 at 12 noon.

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